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Working Women in Africa
Research shows that companies with a greater share of women on their boards of directors and executive committees tend to perform better financially. African companies are no different; this report found that the earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) margin of those with at least a quarter share of women on their boards was on
China! Africa’s largest economic partner
In two decades, China has become Africa’s most important economic partner. Across trade, investment, infrastructure financing, and aid, no other country has such depth and breadth of engagement in Africa. Chinese “dragons”—firms of all sizes and sectors—are bringing capital investment, management know-how, and entrepreneurial energy to every corner of the continent. In doing so they
Digital Strategy, Bring your tomorrow into today!
  This article originally appeared on the World Economic Forum Global Agenda. “Digital will be like air.” This statement came from one executive at a recent workshop on digital strategy organized by the World Economic Forum, but it could have been said by almost anyone there that day. In November, approximately 20 global executives from
Africa’s Multi-billion Dollar Potential
We believe Africa has the space—and need—not just for the hundreds of billion-dollar companies that are thriving across the continent today but also for many more.Did you know there are approximately 400 companies earning revenues of $1 billion or more and nearly 700 companies with revenue greater than $500 million in Africa? These companies are
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