Social Sector

Social Sector

Government Transitions

Zorbital helps new leaders with effective government-transition planning as they prepare to take office, tackle the highest priorities, and improve the lives of their constituents.

Agricultural Development

We help clients transform agricultural systems at scale to raise productivity, open up access to markets, and improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

We tackle deep-rooted challenges such as sector competitiveness and productivity, food access and availability, smallholder farmer livelihoods, and climate change and resource scarcity. We work closely with governments, donors, foundations, and businesses to design and implement holistic programs that transform the way agricultural systems operate.


We help educational systems and providers to improve outcomes for millions of students globally. We help governments, foundations, non-profits, and corporations to achieve rapid gains in student learning and completion outcomes. Our teams include former teachers, institutional leaders, researchers, and policy makers. We work at local, regional, and national levels of education.

Financial Inclusion

We work to accelerate the pace of financial inclusion to improve people’s livelihoods and support the growth of sustainable new businesses.

Half the world is unbanked: two billion adults are excluded from formal financial services. Lacking access to payments, savings, credit, and insurance products, they are profoundly vulnerable to job losses, failed harvests, and other shocks. The availability of sound, affordable, and accessible financial services would enable them to guard against risk, protect their families, and invest in their future.

Global Public Health

We work with leading healthcare institutions and funding bodies to improve health outcomes for the people in greatest need globally.

We act in partnership with foundations, governments, bilateral and multilateral agencies, and healthcare companies to address urgent public healthcare challenges affecting some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities.


We help foundations, philanthropists, NGOs, businesses, social entrepreneurs and investors to drive change by becoming more innovative, strategic, and effective.

In a world beset by economic disruption and political upheaval, as well as by the enduring problems of famine, poverty, and disease, there has never been a greater need for fresh thinking.

Social innovation is about applying new approaches, refining existing practices, and bringing powerful tools to bear in solving the world’s most pressing social challenges. Our work seeks to harness the power of collaboration between businesses, governments, nonprofits and social enterprises to address these challenges more effectively, and on a wider scale.

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