Organizations of all kinds today face unprecedented levels and types of risk produced by a diversity of new sources. These include technological advances bringing cybersecurity threats; new platforms for sharing information (and misinformation), amplified and accelerated by social media; and an unpredictable geopolitical environment. To help our clients address these and other risks, Zorbital takes a global, cross-sector, and cross-functional view. We apply deep technical expertise, extensive industry insights, and innovative analytical approaches to help organizations go beyond just managing risk to enhancing their resilience, creating value, and building risk skills and assets.

Deep technical expertise

We serve clients across industries in a full range of risk areas, including credit risk, crisis response, risk data and digitization, operational risk, compliance and controls, enterprise risk management and risk culture, trading and balance sheet risk, risk advanced analytics, and risk and regulation. Our network includes consultants and collaborates with advanced degrees and diverse backgrounds. We also work closely with senior expert advisers—external collaborators who bring decades of industry, regulatory, and academic experience. Our geographic scope includes risk projects across Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Extensive industry insights

We have completed various projects for clients at leading banks, other financial-services firms, and industries as diverse as agriculture, energy and materials, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, automotive and assembly, and public-sector entities.

Innovative analytical approaches

We help clients transform risk management through advanced analytics by applying machine learning and other techniques to risk use-cases across areas such as credit risk, non-financial risk, stress testing, and capital planning. Through strategic acquisitions and partnerships, we offer clients new services and technology-based solutions. We collaborate with clients to build risk capabilities through academy-based instruction and on-the-job training and coaching.