We help clients turn data into breakthrough business value.

Real impact starts with insights that help businesses make better decisions. We source the most relevant data, apply excellent analytics and modeling, and create meaningful insights that help businesses make better decisions. With a powerful, proprietary library of best practices and thousands of analytics engagements completed worldwide, we know what it takes to make data a competitive advantage for our clients.

ZORB matrix

Analyzes disruptions across 176 value chains to predict how and where future disruptions will occur at an industry level and within companies.

My Zorbital Platform

My Zorbital is a web-based sharing and compliance platform. An exclusive platform that offers our clients a secure, reliable and efficient ways of management.

Functions include:

  • Providing rapid access to information and eases the collection of appraisal evidence
  • Providing a powerful management intranet, which includes information-sharing, legislative compliance and secure SOPs management.
  • Providing uniquely powerful tools for information-sharing, collaboration and shared services
  • Sharing of individual documents, contacts, meetings with everyone including external individuals, or just with specific roles or departments.
  • Discussions and messaging on a controlled and unified platform, personalized branding available if required.
  • Specific tools for shared co-ordination of training, service contracts and others.
  • Workshops for your organization or your clients
  • Implementation project management support
  • Onboarding support:
  • Data import
  • Three months information administration support
  • Analytics and metrics.

My Zorbital Platform licenses are flexible to suit your needs and requirements.